Friday, November 19, 2010

FLG Weeps NATO agrees to ballistic missile defense plan. Really, though, what did anybody expect an organization that needs to find a raison, any raison, d'etre, before people wake up and smell its rotting, anachronistic, useless corpse to do?

Dan Nexon adds:
The more NATO presents a united front, the more likely the Russians are to cooperate on BMD and BMD-related issues, which not only reduces an irritant in relations but mitigates against some of the potentially destabilizing implications of BMD deployment.

Afterthought: might also help with New START ratification. Harder to argue that Obama is selling out BMD when he's accomplished something no Republican ever did: convince NATO to make it part of its mission.

NATO delenda est.

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Withywindle said...

You prefer BFD issues to BMD issues?

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