Monday, November 1, 2010

FLG The Foodie

What is in those two bottles, you ask? Great question.

Well, you might remember that in the spring FLG planted a garden. One of the things he planted was peppermint, and the bottle on the right that looks vaguely like urine from somebody who ate asparagus is actually homemade peppermint extract. FLG turned some of that into mint chocolate chip ice cream this evening.

On the left is homemade hot sauce. It was made with Guatemalan insanity peppers, also grown by FLG, and is so hot it will make you see space coyotes that sound like Johnny Cash.


Anonymous said...

Mint chocolate chip and lethal hot sauce? I knew there was a reason to blogroll you...

Flavia said...

I'm with profmondo.

I'm not much of a foodie, but I'm salivating at the hot sauce. (Only twice in my life have I had food spicier than I could eat, but I know it's out there. And I want it.)

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