Tuesday, November 9, 2010

FLG The Foodie Continued

Remember when FLG explained his hot sauce and peppermint extract making skillz? At the time he mentioned mint chocolate chip ice cream. Well, he meant to post a picture, and here it is:
 The little black dots is vanilla.  Yes, Sparky, FLG put vanilla in his mint chocolate chip ice cream.  It brightens up the flavor.


The Ancient said...

I'm putting you down for a Christmas hamper of food dyes at Dean and Deluca.

Anonymous said...

I keep my peppermint white. No green food color and not because I think man-made global warming and the green movement is a hoax/religion. It messes (in a fun way) with your brain cells to taste something that's white that your brain has been trained to think is really green. Just have to keep my brain in line -letting it know who is really is charge.

Vanilla does jazz it up too.

Mrs. P

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