Monday, November 1, 2010

FLG As Median Voter

FLG has said it before and will say it again -- he is the median voter. He has voted for the winning candidate in every national election he's ever participated. So, despite Matt Ygelsias' contention that Sarah Palin won't necessarily get trampled because elections are always about impersonal economic conditions (which is pretty convenient when your party is about to get trampled and your policy ideas aren't normally broadly accepted anyway), let FLG say this:

FLG was a McCain voter until about two-three weeks after he chose Palin. Moreover, pretty much any Republican will get FLG's vote over Obama at this point, except Palin. He'll even bite the bullet and vote for the Plastic Presidential Superhero -- Romney, if he must.


George Pal said...

Since FLG has reiterated his Obama versus Palin stance I will reiterate that I remain flabbergasted.

Not for her native intelligence, not for her book learnin’, not for what professors told her was so, not for some political philosophy she’d adopted, not for her public service experience, not for her personal life experience, not for any wisdom gained; Sarah Palin would be a better president than Obama for this and this alone: she does not want to fundamentally transform America.

FLG said...

A drunken person doesn't usually want to fundamentally transform the coffee table that they fall into and smash.

Intentions aren't everything. She can still break the country.

Anonymous said...

Uhm, the country is already broken. Or broke.

More info on India trip - currently 75 planes have been allocated. Most Bush ever used - 56. Got a whopping number of military that is being re-assigned to cover this trip - but must get second source as the number is of criminal proportions.

Mrs. P

Anonymous said...

India might be off.

Mrs. P

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