Thursday, November 4, 2010

FLG Almost Lost It

He was reading this article can came across this passage:
Thus, embedded within ADR systems is the opportunity to enhance workplace justice. Whether justice is enhanced or diminished, however, is an empirical question worthy of further study.

It's only an empirical question if you assume the normative question of what is workplace justice has already been decided. FLG gets real uncomfortable with this because the people who care most about these issues, the ones who get terminal academic degrees in these subjects and consequently do the empirical studies, often have vastly different conceptions of what justice is. And so FLG rejects the assertion that it is or can ever truly be an empirical question.


arethusa said...

"Workplace justice"? Whatever happened to people just doing their freeping jobs?

The Ancient said...

"Food justice"? Whatever happened to people just eating their lunches?

Anonymous said...

Justice doesn't require adjectives like workplace, food, or social, although stern, swift, and even poetic remain acceptable.

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