Monday, October 18, 2010

There Are Two Possibilities

First, FLG has, through the immense power of his mental acuity, landed upon a handful of basic questions about life and politics such that everybody else is discussing the intellectual version of wainscoting while he's dealing with the foundation. Things like The Big Assumption, Time Horizons, the difficulty of determining cause and effect in multiple feedback systems, i.e. a human society, and so forth, and humanity is simply waiting for him to rectify all of these into a Political Theory of Everything.

Second, FLG is becoming increasingly self-absorbed to the point where he is a complete egomaniac with serious delusions of grandeur and massive amounts of intellectual narcissism who everywhere sees nails for his handful of hammers.


profmondo said...

These are not mutually exclusive possibilities.

Withywindle said...

Beady-eyed ranting is Fiddler's Green; just so you spend a little bit of time listening to other people's ranting.

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