Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sweet, Merciful Crap

Alpheus points out this ad by Christine O'Donnell.

"I'm not a witch. I'm nothing you've heard. I'm you."

No, you're not. You're super-creepy.

Alpheus rightly asks, "what is up with the dark clothes and the spooky background with the moving shadows?" This is roughly the tone, production value, and music that I'd expect from blood-thirsty reptilian aliens come down to Earth in the shape of better than average looking humans so that they can lull us into a false confidence before using us as slave labor and food.

That's right, baby! I'm turning the crazy conspiracies back on the crackpots.


Anonymous said...

Uhm, I think Nancy Pelosi already called dibs on that slave labor and using you for fish food.

Green fish food but still fish food.

Mrs. P

Anonymous said...

Now here's a #@#&$@ candidate more after your own heart.


Mrs. P

The Ancient said...

It's just another sign -- as if any were needed -- that she doesn't have any real professionals around her. She's all alone.

(Yes, I know who made the clip. I don't care. That was a long time ago.)

If O'Donnell had competent advisers, she would have responded to Maher's airing of that old clip with a joke. She would have blown it off. Instead, she's aired an ad which says, well, maybe she was a witch, in her heart, once upon a time.

(It would have been so much easier to say, "Hey, I watched Buffy just like everyone else." Or somesuch. And then laughed about it. Now she's completely screwed. So to speak.)

Alan Howe said...

The punchline here is that she feels compelled to tell us she is not a witch, evidence that she thinks she could be one if she wanted, evidence that she thinks witches are real.

Anonymous said...

George, I don't know about you but I do so love it when the snake bites its own tail. If we look at Mr. Howe's comments --at least in the manner he wrote them - that it is odd for Christine O'Donnell to think witches exist. Why on earth is this odd? Especially since some fellow members --Americans United for Separation of Church and State-- of the same team Mr. Howe bats for - Team Other Side- successfully fought a 10 year battle to have Wicca recognized as a religion by our military.

So which one is it Team Other Side? Do witches exist or don't they? Because if they don't you've got a hell of a lot of explaining to do.

Mrs. P

arethusa said...

I dunno...I think the problem might not be with O'Donnell but the fact that this is the work of the Demonsheep guy. I'm not sure he does know what is appropriate.

Alan Howe said...

O'Donnell did not claim to be a wiccan, she claimed to have dabbled in witchcraft and to have gone on a date to a satanic altar. These are very different things. Wiccan "respectability" does not apply here.

And Mrs. P, I can believe in your First Amendment rights without accepting your, or anyone else's, beliefs.

Anonymous said...

Oh so if she had said she was a Wiccan that would make the comment better? Make her seem more intelligent and less insane?

So if Christine O'Donell had been dabbling in a more respectable form of witchcraft than just the lowly virgin on a Satanic altar variety you might think more of her? Maybe if she done this while attending Yale that would been be better?

Oh and I'm delighted to learn you can accept my First Amendment rights. so incredibly gracious of you. Really. I'm touched. Honored et al...

Mrs. P

George Pal said...

Mrs P,


Mr Howe,

All I can do is thank God for organized religion; otherwise you, Mrs P, and I, would be among Mr. Howe’s unhinged, believers in the existence of ‘Christians’.

Which leads me to wonder, Mr Howe; do unaffiliated or unorganized atheists exist? If they do, are we to take them seriously?

The Ancient said...

Maybe if she done this while attending Yale that would been be better?

In her day, Skulls and Bones had not yet become co-ed.

(So, no.)

Anonymous said...


Mrs. P

Alan Howe said...

Surely you accept a difference between a wiccan religious belief and a good, old-fashioned I-can-cast-spells witch like O'Donnell claims to have been and wants to assure us she is not--as if she actually could be. Yes, Christine, we know you are not a witch for the same reason we know you are not Santa Claus: they do not exist. And while we are at it, neither do the mice with fully developed human brains you once claim existed.

Pal and P, you might note that I did not attack organized religion at any point. You hyperventilation over that issue is misplaced as usual.

Anonymous said...

"Surely you accept a difference between a wiccan religious belief and a good, old-fashioned I-can-cast-spells witch like O'Donnell claims to have been and wants to assure us she is not--as if she actually could be."

I don't accept that Wicca is a religion. Nor old-fashioned I-can-cast-spells witch is either. But I do accept that people practice Satanism, witchcraft and Wicca and there really isn't all that much difference between any of them as they all follow Satan. Does Satan see a real difference in any of them is probably the real question.

As for the old-fashioned I-can-cast-spells witch in 1692 the State of Connecticut found my grandmother of that generation on my father's side, guilty of being a old-fashioned I-can-cast-spells witch and gave her the death penalty. She is/was the only woman the State of Connecticut did this to. Now she wasn't guilty for flying around at night on a broomstick with a black cat beside her. Nothing as glamorous as that. If you read her case, you will find that townsmen testified that she:

* caused oxen to behave in a frisky manner.

* caused a canoe to travel upstream by itself

* caused high tide to become low - Wouldn't Obama like to be able to do that one? He did promise he'd lower the seas didn't he?

* bewitched children and cart horses

*could not read the Bible but could read other books easily

* invited guests to dinner and brought a roasted pig to table that looked delicious but could not be eaten

* tickle and pinched men's toes in their beds at night.

She was very beautiful - the most beautiful woman in town in fact. She was never put to death, though the King and Queen of enlgand had her tried twice. But all is not lost, because she was found guilty I am eligible to join the Associated Daughters of Early American Witches if I wished. But I don't wish. If I joined anything, I'd join the Descendants of the Illegitimate Sons and Daughters of the Kings of Britain, a.k.a. The Royal Bastards. Through my mother - I'm sprung from one of the ones before the Tudors I think- I'd have to ask. Also on my mother's side, my grandmother way, way back in Salem was the first little girl to charge witchcraft against Tituba.


"All I can do is thank God for organized religion; otherwise you, Mrs P, and I, would be among Mr. Howe’s unhinged, believers in the existence of ‘Christians’."


Sullivian already thinks we're Christianists.

Mrs. P

Alan Howe said...

Wiccans do not believe in either God or Satan. They absolutely do not worship either.

FLG said...


I'm pretty sure, but not positive, that Mrs. P is referring to 1 Corinthians 10:19-22. Pagans worshiping demons and what have you.

Alan Howe said...

The conflation of wiccan and witches (see, State of Connecticut, below) has continued, in error, from the start in an attempt to justify O'Donnell's comments.

So, let's be perfectly clear about this. People who do not believe in God (like wiccans) cannot believe in Satan and, therefore, will not be worshiping Satan. Corinthians refers to "devels." Mrs. P referred to capital "S" Satan.

Again, and as I pointed out in my first comment, O'Donnell thinks witches (as opposed to wiccans) exist, and she wants to assure us that although she claimed to be one (and visited a satanic altar), she isn't really. I laugh at her for thinking that assurance is necessary.

Anonymous said...

If they don't believe in God or cap S Satan, then why the Hell do they call themselves witches?

What do they think they are so incredibly fascinating they put a spell on you like the old song says. Sorry Howe, I didn't check my brain at the front office of the ACLU, if you self-identify as a witch you bat for Satan's team - yeah - that's a cap S Satan but what else would one expect from a Christianist?

Things like the promotion of the culture of death -- which you are 100% for and not making love potions out of eye of newt are what is considered doing Satan's work these days.

Mrs. P

Alan Howe said...

I see your fever for ad hominem attacks is unabated and still unappealing.

Anonymous said...


Gee. I find the way this country practices infanticide - unabated- by sticking scissors in the back of the head of a partially born chidl and sucking its brains out until the skull collapses unappealing.

Plus elevating a "respectable" form of witchcraft - a form that's been around only since the 1950's despite what its adherents claim otherwise - to the level of the great religions of this world is also unappealing.

As well as incredible anti-intellectual.

Mrs. P

FLG said...

Mrs. P:

How the hell did you get to abortion?

Wiccans don't kill babies or advocate abortion. Well, I can't say that no Wiccan has never killed a baby, but nor can I say no Catholic has.

But it's certainly not a tenet of their religion.

Anonymous said...

How did I get to abortion? I wasn't speaking of child sacrifices. If you look at the major religions of the world they are all openly pro-life. With pro-life statements on the books.

Wicca has no official pro-life statement. No doubt many adherents are indeed pro-life, but Wicca isn't. It's open to abortion. Which, since it has its roots in a fertility cults, is not at all out of line with tradition. In the old days - pre-Christ and probably after- fertility cults used to demand the sacrifice of the firstborn to keep the lands fertile and gods happy.

Mrs. P

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