Thursday, October 14, 2010

Something Just Occured To FLG

There are a lot of bloggers out there who focus on the details of contemporary culture. Pop culture. Media. Political culture. Etc. Etc.

There are a bunch of hacks around who do this. There are non-hacks too. Back when FLG was still trying to figure it out, he came to the conclusion that James Poulos' entire postmodern conservatism seems to be based around some sort of collective psychology manifested through culture in some weird way that never made sense to FLG. Eventually, FLG gave up trying. In an entirely different but paradoxically similar way, Mrs. Self-Important also writes about culture, but in a manner that FLG has long been somewhat envious.

But then FLG realized something. FLG believes in, well, let's not get too deep or specific here, but just call it a form of the Platonic Good or God or some metaphysical truth. This makes the vicissitudes of contemporary culture relatively less important, and ultimately less interesting to FLG. Consequently, that's probably why Poulos' conservatism became less interesting to FLG as time went by.

So, this made him wonder. He gets why people on the left would be very interested in these things. To put it simply -- all we have is social constuction. But what about the conservatives?

Does Poulos believe in God or a Platonic Good? If so, then why postmodern conservatism? Because that's what's practical for a believer in a sea of non-believers?

Likewise, what drives Mrs. Self-Important's conservatism? FLG isn't saying that culture and social issues aren't important, but he senses a lack of, he doesn't know how to say it exactly, orientation toward something permanent.

Or maybe FLG is completely fucking insane and these things have nothing to do with each other.


Withywindle said...

Culture is virtue seen from the outside. Commentary on culture is commentary on virtue; perhaps one could say "ironic commentary."

FLG said...

Is that Gadamer as interpreted through Withywindle?

Because I'm not sure I fully buy it.

Withywindle said...

No, that's me. Culture is what other people value; virtue is what you value. When you get into the head of other people's culture, you're understanding what they consider virtuous -- which any ironic Machiavellian ought to be doing about his own culture's virtues anyway.

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