Monday, October 4, 2010

Short Time Horizons

FLG watched the 60 minutes interview with Jimmy Carter a couple weeks back. Carter seemed proud of one point in particular:
"We went through four years. We never fired a bullet. We never dropped a bomb. We never launched a missile," Carter pointed out.

Then, FLG saw Bill Mahr on Joy Behar saying that Jimmmy Carter is a good example or articulating what liberals stand for. And again, it's short time horizons.

Sure, during his presidency, Carter nobody fired a shot. But that's not true peace. That's the absence of armed conflict. There's a stronger case to be made, at least in FLG's opinion, that in the long run winning the war brings peace.

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Anonymous said...

I've been told - but you'd have to check especially w/UbL's bombing in Africa- that it was under Carter's Administration that the State Department suffered the largest amount of casualties.

Also, I did always like Christopher Warren's question to which ever General when the plans for the (failed) hostage rescue were being discussed. They were discussing what to do if they encountered the enemy. The General was for shoot to kill, naturally. Warren asked, "Couldn't we just shoot them in the knee?"

But I always thought it was brilliantly funny when in the Clinton years Defense Secretary Perry traveled to the Ukraine to plant sunflowers over some former Soviet nuclear silo. Perry actually said, and I googled it up to make sure -

“Sunflowers instead of missiles in the soil would insure peace for future generations.”

Mrs. P

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