Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Quote of the day II

Barrett Brown:
The problem with going over to National Review’s blog The Corner for quick material, as I did last night, is that one tends to run across at least two or three other things that also need addressing. Online editor Kathryn Jean Lopez will inevitably be responsible for one of these things

FLG has a theory about clowns that he thinks explains K-Lo. FLG maintains that nobody likes clowns. Most people in fact think they're pretty creepy. But everybody assumes everybody else likes clowns. How clowns escaped the fate of mimes, whom everybody except the French hate, FLG does not know.

Likewise, if you ask any particular person what they think of K-lo, they'll say she's the conservative village idiot, but they seem to think other people think she has intelligent things to say or they paper over her idiocy with the claim that she's our idiot.

Well, FLG thinks it's time for this to end. It's time to stand up and say, "Clowns are creepy and K-Lo is an idiot! We will suffer them no longer! Off to France, where they will be imprisoned in a mime Bastille!"

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Anonymous said...

She lost me way back at the Duran Duran stuff...

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