Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nietzche And Nazis

FLG watched what can best be described as a video essay on Nietzche and the Nazis. FLG'd long heard that the Nazis were influenced by Nietzche and it made prima facie sense. √úbermensch and whathaveyou. (Ricky Gervais actually has a rather funny bit on it.)

Anyway, FLG never really had much time for Nietzche. Pretty much every trait associated with the supposedly master morality riles FLG the wrong way. Consequently, he'd never really thought through the full ramifications of Nietzche's philosophy and just dismissed it as mere nihilism. But after watching the video, FLG thinks it's not just nihilism. It's a call for the worst type of people, what Plato would call those with a tyrannical soul, to assert the Will to Power. FLG has resolved to read more Nietzche.

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