Thursday, October 21, 2010

Malthusian Illusions

Earlier this month, FLG wrote about environmentalist morality. Today, over at Duck of Minvera, is a post on overpopulation that addresses the issue differently:
It is interesting that Coole, a critical theorist in the continental tradition, should be asking why the population question remains a taboo. Materiality, vital matter, the non-human and post-human futures have all been on the critical theory agenda recently, in IR and more broadly. People are not the only things that matter. This scholarly focus parallels public-political claims for ‘sustainability’ in which the maintenance of ecosystems are considered more pressing than the continuation of humanity and certainly more pressing than economic growth. Might it be that a new strategic narrative will be formed and brought to bear on policy, a ‘smaller, better humanity’ narrative? Population projection statistics are ambiguous and can easily be used to support Malthusian stories. And Coole’s project may unpick the factual and normative discourses that silence talk of the population question, so that the better-smaller narrative -- if that is what is being formulated -- can be heard.

Emphasis FLG's.


Alpheus said...

a ‘smaller, better humanity’ narrative

What could go wrong?

George Pal said...

“if that is what is being formulated”

Not at all. It’s just the plot basis ofAvatar Deux. No... really.

The Ancient said...

"Now if all you meat-eating, SUV driving, speciesist climate-change deniers would be good enough to climb into the cattle-cars, we can be on our way. Remember, only one suitcase per family!"

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