Monday, October 18, 2010

FLG Is Slightly Disappointed

FLG was on a Rawls kick, and he tried to counter it with what is basically a consequentialist argument. The easier way would've been to simply play the Nozick card.

Diane Ellis, over at Ricochet, treads over the same territory and does precisely that, but without mentioning either Rawls or Nozick. And to end the piece, she writes:
A system of morality that considers the theft of a neighbor's property as righteous behavior should be rejected on its face.

Really, Diane? Really?

This relies upon the assumption that taxation is equivalent to theft, which isn't entirely insane but isn't exactly an uncontroversial stance either. Consequently, it doesn't reach the on its face must be rejected territory.

Don't get me wrong, FLG is all against the soak the rich strategy for a variety of reasons, but dismissing it out of hand as some sort of crazy idea with no real rebuttal beyond it's theft isn't a very effective style of debate.

Is this the level of argument common over at Ricochet? In that case, FLG ain't been missin' much.

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