Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Environmentalist Morality

I think I've pointed this out before, but there's a fundamental flaw in the environmentalist's moral order. They hold that Nature is superior to Man, which FLG thinks is ultimately ridiculous in a secular moral framework. How can an object, Nature, The Earth, etc to which Man ascribes moral value be more morally valuable than the Man who does the ascribing? It just doesn't make much sense.

Now, I could understand how one can hold Nature morally superior to Man within a theological context because God is ascribing the value. But then there's that whole Genesis passage about dominion and multiplying fruitfully, but anyway...

This isn't to say that Nature has no moral value or that we should not be good stewards of the environment or any of that. There's a happy medium. It's just that the Environmentalist true believers have a fundamentally flawed morality that their tree-hugging, granola-eating exterior belies. Sometimes, when they're really angry or just plain crazy, it comes out and people are called a cancer or parasites.

And a few days ago both Alpheus and The Bovina Bloviator linked to that PSA where people who didn't reduce carbon emissions were blown up. The ad is only funny, at least in FLG's opinion, if you ascribe superior moral value to the Earth than people. And FLG contends that stance is flawed, not only morally, but by purely logical standards.

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