Monday, October 25, 2010


According to this article in Le Figaro, twelve people, including a baby, jumped or were thrown out a window in France because they thought Satan was in their apartment. Sky News has more details and is in English.

Apparently the people were from Angola, but FLG has to wonder what type of thought process, if this is true, leads to a person's first reaction to finding somebody in their apartment whom they didn't expect to be there to be "It's the devil!" Wouldn't, I dunno, a normal, human intruder be far more likely?


The Ancient said...

So the Devil looks something like a naked Angolan?

(Or is that just in France?)

Alpheus said...

Some relatives of mine became convinced that a business associate of theirs was the devil. They really believed this. I listened to the long story of their growing realization, their struggle with the Evil One, and their salvation in Christ when they were finally able to free themselves from this guy's power (i.e., to stop doing business with him).

To me it seemed obvious the whole thing was in their heads. But for them, there was no doubt: they *knew* they had grappled with Satan himself.

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