Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dear Readers:

FLG thinks he's mentioned this before, but if you are ever in doubt about how to interpret one of his posts, then imagine FLG roughly like how Denis Leary is from the 1:00 mark until the end of this video. (NSFW) That should give you a damn good approximation of the intended tone.



The Ancient said...

I would like to associate myself with everything he says from 6:20 onwards.

George Pal said...

I never doubted.

The Ancient said...

FLG --

I spent my flight from the city (Halloween is unbearable!) thinking about this problem of errant cyclists.

What do you really do if you bag one in season?

Do your mount the head with the silly helmet attached, or do you mount the hindquarters, clad in Italianate spandex?

After a hundred miles or so of deliberation, I'm going with the spandex-clad hindquarters.

(It's more life-like!)

FLG said...

I say you mount the handlebars like antlers.

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