Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Conversation

Classmate: That's a run-on sentence.

FLG: No, it's not. It only has one independent clause. However, there are two dependent clauses.

Classmate: That's a run-on.

FLG: Dude. Look. That's not a run-on sentence. The defintion of run-on is a sentence with more than one independent clause. This sentence does not. So, it's not a run-on.

Classmate: What I mean is that it's wordy.

FLG: Okay. What suggestion do you have?

Scribble scribble.

FLG: Dude. That has more words and is in the passive voice.

Classmate counts.

Classmate: It does have more words, but I think it sounds better.

FLG: Look. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the best writer in the world, but I know the defintion of a run-on sentence and use active voice. Leave the writing to me. We'll have the rest of the group look over it.


dance said...

Just posted something for you! :-)

The Ancient said...

Aren't you glad you've reached a point in life where your grade no longer includes "plays well with others"?

Alpheus said...

And *this* is why it's hard to teach freshman writing!

FLG said...

Yes. Well, I've been playing well, but after two weeks of going round and round having somebody point out phantom run-on sentences is just too much.

Diane said...

It should be illegal to have a group write a paper "together". Pick the best writer in the group and let them go to it. Group written papers devolve to the lowest level (witness my organization's financial book).

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