Friday, October 29, 2010

Ask About Inflation In France And You Go To Jail

Apparently, asking Rachida Dati about inflation lands in jail:
Frenchman locked up for asking Rachida Dati for 'an inflation'

But one must remember that Dati has trouble telling the difference between inflation and fellatio.

Then again, Carla Bruni thinks Dati wanted to inflate M. Le President.

And you know, FLG was just thinking about this, there's a trade-off in economics between unemployment and inflation. If that trade-off was, as apparently it is in France, between unemployment and fellatio, then it would be a much easier choice.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released a statement that 400,00 jobs were created and 15 million blowjobs were given last month. That's a 15% increase. Polls indicate men remain strongly in favor of inflationary policies despite warnings from economists that it may spiral out of control.

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