Friday, September 17, 2010

Quote of the day

Paper Bullets:
Plato, you are clearly brilliant, but you give me a headache. So there.



The Ancient said...

I'd cut her some slack, if only for this, some months back:

A fuck-it key! Who hasn't wished, in some form or another, for one of those?.

P.S. I have two copies of that Bollingen edition of Plato, one with my freshman marginalia, and one from several years later. When I feel like a bit of ritual self-mortification, I look at the freshman copy. (It's much more effective than a celice.)

FLG said...

Miss Self-Important wrote about that same thing a year ago:
For example, the first time I read it, I apparently did not grasp the meaning of Thrasymachus' contention that justice was "the advantage of the stronger." Not just the implication, mind you, the very definition. So the section bears my accompanying note: "Whoever can be punished is unjust, not that what is unjust is punished-->Thrasymachus' definition founded on power [double underline]." This should disabuse us of the notion that people who go to grad school are smart, even in the discipline they claim to study.

Julia said...

Hey now, FLG. I never said the headache wasn't worth it. I also never said I was smart.

FLG said...


You are definitely smarter than me. They'd never let me into the PhD program.

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