Thursday, September 16, 2010

Quote of the day

Jimmy Carter:
DURING my recent travels to North Korea and China, I received clear, strong signals that Pyongyang wants to restart negotiations on a comprehensive peace treaty with the United States and South Korea and on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

He's an astonishingly dumb man for a person with a degree in nuclear engineering.


arethusa said...

Could you work that fact - degree in nuclear engineering - into your thesis about the need for humanities education?

Andrew Stevens said...

Jimmy Carter has an undesignated B.S. from Annapolis. He did take some classes in nuclear physics for a nuclear submarine training program in Union College where he spent all of six months in training, but he doesn't have a degree of any kind from Union College or from any college in that subject. This is a fairly persistent myth about Carter, primarily because his campaign made much of it in 1976, even though very little of what was said was actually true. One of Jimmy Carter's sons, Jack, does have a degree in nuclear physics (from the Georgia Institute of Technology). The President Jimmy Carter does not. Carter is a reasonably smart man. He graduated 59th out of 820 from Annapolis. He's not a genius and he really has no serious scientific credentials.

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