Friday, September 10, 2010

Quote of the day

Paul Krugman:
But there’s an issue here a lot broader than Ms. McArdle, involving time horizons and the convenient way they shift among those on the right.

Don't have much to say on the matter right now, but he mentioned time horizons.


Thomas said...

One of your examples of conservative time horizons was the invasion of Iraq. It seems to me that example is problematic.

Burkean conservatives take a dim view of humanity's ability to predict the course of events. Grand five and ten year plans are anathema to them. So George Bush's grand plan to re-make the middle East through regime change was rejected as absurd by philosophical conservatives.

Your example of Iraq demonstrates to me that your time horizons theory is false with respect to any coherent conservative philosophy. It may reflect the self image of American Republicans, but it is not conservative. I would argue that it instead shows an ideology in conflict with reality.

The Ancient said...

Some days, I think Brad and Paul are swapping bile for the sheer fun of it.

I mean, two guys who look as if they've been storing up for Seven Lean Years -- could they possibly know something about Obama the rest of us have missed?

George Pal said...

Paul Krugman is a veritable trove of SuperPositions. SuperPositions are akin to the Quantum theory superposition, i.e., a thing is all of its possible states until it is observed. So Krugman, as per the link, has been on both sides of an issue at different instances. When he comes down, where he comes down, depends upon the observable situation at the moment.

So no matter what happens, Paul Krugman always remains the smartest economist ever – always right... ...half the time.

George Pal said...

Here's the link that failed to link in the previous comment:

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