Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Quote of the day

The idea of investing in cosmetic surgery rather than a college degree is disturbing to those of us of a bourgeois bent, but it might be the right choice for some.


George Pal said...

From another blogger - dealing specifically with women and higher education – (apologies to whomever for copying and pasting only the quote but not the source):

“The harsh reality is that a few years on the pole [dancing, I presume] with a coke habit would still leave the average woman with a better long term prospect of happiness than the popular combination of student loans and a soft liberal arts degree from a reputable private university.”

Anonymous said...

George Pal --

1) The person who wrote that knows nothing about strippers or cokeheads. Nothing at all. Nothing.

2) Yes, too many young people get out of college with worthless degrees and too much debt. That's why there are government jobs. (See, for instance, John Derbyshire's writings on this point.)

3) One of my louche neighbors writes an online column for something called New York Social Diary. It's edited by someone whose claim to fame -- I kid you not -- is having ghost-written Debbie Reynolds's autobiography. (You can't make this stuff up.) Take a look at the party pictures of the women over 40 and correlate them with men with incomes above $10 million a year. Notice how nearly ALL of them have had work done. Then (as if it were possible, and it isn't) see which ones went to college. (I would guess nearly all of them.)

Getting plastic surgery in lieu of an education is equivalent to getting that tramp stamp at the bottom of ones spine: It settles at least one question.

Anonymous said...

Two words: Princes Cheyenne - I mean Louise Wightman


Look especially close at personal life and education.

Mrs. P

Anonymous said...

New York Social Diary is a laugh riot - they think Christo Buckley and his young girlfriend are actually interesting. I don't think she could make it as a pole dancer.

Mrs. P

George Pal said...

Mrs P,

Unlettered as I am in such things, I rely on the discernment of strangers for the lowdown on strippers/pole dancers...
so thank you.

As to education, I have formed my own opinions and find they concur with Mr Derbyshire’s as he delineates them in his 08/27 article Race to Nowhere - Tear the Schools Down. As I’m understanding the equation of women and higher education this would lead to short term scarcity of ecdysiasts – but in the long run these things work themselves out.

Anonymous said...

George, when Mr. P and I were first married we lived in a condo complex that catered -it stated- to white collar professionals. So imagine my surprise upon discovering several of our closest neighbors were exotic dancers. One was even a headliner.

I learned a lot about the biz through my frequent talks with them. But probably the best hands on learning came when one morning the doorbell rang and upon opening it was one of the dancers holding a bath towel to her breast.

"Can you drive me to my plastic surgeon? I've broken a boob."

I drove her. Interesting conversation too.

Mrs. P

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