Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Platonic Business

So, FLG is reading about "customer value proposition" and one thing has become tremendously clear -- lots of academic business literature is written by people who didn't read Plato. They've built these complicated systematic approaches, but if you want to find out what is meaningful to people, then you must start with their relations with other people. Once you figure out how your product is involved with the interactions between people, then you are onto something.

Indeed, customer relationships are supposedly the key in marketing. Funny thing is relationships are pretty much key in life. Man is, by nature, a political animal. Yes, yes, FLG knows that's Aristotle. But there's a reason that Plato started with the Just City in his attempt to articulate Justice. It allowed him to examine the relationships between people, which is where you should start in marketing as well.

Shit. FLG might just have to write a book on Platonic Business Strategy. He's seen worse and these people really need some help.


Andrew Stevens said...

People will just assume it's a book about business strategy without having sex with one's customers.

FLG said...

Probably be a huge hit in the sex industry then.

Andrew Stevens said...

Nah, they're the least likely to read it. I'm guessing nobody would read it at all, not with that title.

FLG said...

Well, in that case, I'll entitle it "Pirates Fucking Inanimate Objects" but then proceed to write about Plato and business.

Andrew Stevens said...

Still aiming for a pretty niche audience there. I suggest just calling it "Fucking."

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