Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Online Course

FLG has decided to "take" this Yale Online Course on Milton. The first lecture was tough though because of the focus on power, which FLG always associates with Foucault. And so, FLG is sitting there wondering the whole fucking time what Foucault would have made of John Milton.


Flavia said...

Very, very few English departments can offer a Milton course every single year, even as a seminar. John Rogers's course? Enrolls 80-100 students, every year--and has done for nearly two decades.

(And it's not because Yalies are so smart, or so into the dead white men.)

arethusa said...

I had to stop "taking" Kagan's lectures on Greek history because his incessant throat-clearing But it was clearly an excellent course; more schools should do this.

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