Sunday, September 19, 2010


FLG has been trying to stay away from the whole Christine O'Donnell fiasco. She's an idiot.

Surprised she dabbled in withccraft? Why? She's an idiot.

Surprised that she wouldn't like to the Nazis to protect Anne Frank hiding upstairs? Why? She's an idiot with idiotic moral reasoning.

Surprised about whatever comes next? Why? She's an idiot.

Many on the right are quick to say that there is a double standard. For example, Joe Biden is also an idiot. Okay. Joe Biden is an idiot. BUT, and this is a big fucking BUT, why does the Republican have to nominate idiots?

Here's a fucking crazy idea. Let's, while most of the voting public seems to be pissed at the Democrats, nominate competent, sane people of at least mediocre intelligence. Is that too fucking much to ask for? Look, they don't even have to be great candidates. Just plain vanilla, non-idiotic ones.


Anonymous said...

Explain the idiot aspect here please. I must be too stupid because I got re-educated by the ACLU and their separation of Church and State brethren into understanding the truth - this is a noble religion dating back more than 1000 years. In fact this re-education was so successful that both the IRS and the U.S. military recognize Wicca.

How is she an idiot to have admitted on the show of a common law wife beater that she dated a witch? - by the by was this a lesbian phase she was going through as well?

Mrs. P

FLG said...

Oh, Mrs. P. I'm not saying supposedly having a late night picnic on a Satanic alter for a date makes you an idiot. What I'm saying is that I'm not surprised that an idiot would 1) either have a late night picnic on a Satanic alter on a date or 2) believe she is having a late night picnic on a Satanic alter, when in fact she isn't.

That or she's a compulsive liar, but again, a bad one, which isn't surprising because she's an idiot.

Mahr is an asshole, I agree. But that has no bearing on O'Donnell's idiocy.

George Pal said...

Being an idiot doesn’t presuppose O’Donnell voting idiotic or ‘unconservative’. As ‘they’ are always insisting, her private life, idiocies, such as they might exist included, are or should be, of little concern.

Her greatest contribution to the present political landscape has been to expose the GOP hierarchy for the public, political, and intellectual idiots they are. If you’ve gotten so deep under the skin of the establishment as to flush the bloodsuckers out into the light you’ve done a great service, at least to Republicans and even more for conservatives.

If idiocy is the litmus test then look no further than the GOP’s Steele (traffics in idiocy), Karl Rove, (would wallow in it naked if FOX and the FCC would allow it), and the rest of the GOP panjandrums who are undergoing a good and public neutering and are, as would be expected, uncomfortable with the process.

Anonymous said...

Last week O"Donnell was a religious fundamentalist that was going to take theright ti whank away. This week she dated Dracula in High school. As Derek Jacoby as IClaudius said, "What will the final performance be?. Do you know what is so hysterical about this date on a satanic altar?

That no one has seen it for what it was.

A virginal sacrifice. Why else would a witch have dinner with her on a altar? C'mon the Left with who everything is sex 24/7 needs to ask the right question - did O'Donnell lose her virginity on a Satanic altar or did she hang tough? (This will give us insight to her true strength of character and how she will go up against Harry Reid.)

George, I woke up this morning thinking this O'Donnell thing is not about the Tea Party taking out Mike Castle, this is about the Tea Party taking out Karl Rove. The Architect is having a silver crucifix shoved in his himself. Amazing to watch.

Karl's Republican business model is broken. It has turned out to be very similar to the Big 3's failed business model of building onlyprofit rich trucks and SUVS. All it took was 4 months of $4 per gallon gas to kill it. It only took 18 months of failed trillion dollar+ spending to have Rove's liberal Northeast RINO plan go the way of the Mugwumps.

Mrs. P

George Pal said...

Mrs P,

From Bush's Brain: How Karl Rove Made George W. Bush Presidential (John Wiley & Sons) authors James Moore and Wayne Slater:

“He [Bush] makes decisions, [and] he has certitude. People are drawn to him. What he lacks, however, is the intellectual depth, which Karl [Rove] gives him.” (emphasis mine)

“Intellectual” gets bandied about nearly as often as Sarah Palin, parts and all.

The genius political consultant Rove had a grand strategy for the Bush administration described by Steve Sailer as: Invade the World, Invite the World, In Hock To the World. Red flags should have gone up when E. J. Dionne blessed Rove with his imprimatur for having co-opted Democratic platforms and strategies – education (no child left behind) and pursuit of the latino vote through open borders with benefits.

To hell with incumbents and never mind the lawyers – first we kill the “intellectuals”.

Anonymous said...

Cool. I'm in.

Mrs. P

Anonymous said...

Per "Okay. Joe Biden is an idiot. BUT, and this is a big fucking BUT"

If anything happens to Obama, we're so f*cked...

Mrs. P

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