Saturday, September 18, 2010

Got Some Splainin' To Do

Withywindle vociferously objects to the Phoenix/Affleck stunt that FLG called awesome.

Withy writes:
This whole Andy Kaufmann schtick, lets do strange and horrible things, and make believe they're real, is part of it. Sacha Cohen and his Borat stuff. I think it first really struck me when I read about some Amherst students who removed all the silverware from the dining hall and said it was art. I think it was then that I first thought: "You should be beaten up, and we should call that art too. And you should keep on getting beaten up until you stop doing it."

First, in defense of Andy Kaufman, I still find that Mighty Mouse sketch fucking hilarious upon the 3 millionth viewing. And I still don't know exactly what to make of this or intergender wrestling, but I do find them funny as shit. Second, I find Borat totally offensive.

How do I reconcile these two positions? Simple. Andy Kaufman's jokes, if you'll permit me the use of that word, were at the expense of actors and the media. The Borat jokes are at the expense of ordinary people.

The silverware from the dining hall cannot be called art by anybody with a brain because it's just stupid and, again, at the expense of ordinary people. Now, if they'd arranged to steal the silverware from a state dinner, then we might be talking about art. Mostly because it would be at the expense of somebody powerful, hard to accomplish, and funny as shit. At least to FLG.

Sorry, forgot to explain the important part. I feel that the Phoenix/Affleck prank was on the media and celebrity propaganda machine, which I abhor. So, I find the whole idea very funny. Plus, there was a high level of commitment and risk involved.


The Ancient said...

Christine O'Donnell has some splaining to do, too:

OK, maybe she's a world class prankster. Maybe that whole S.A.L.T. thing was an homage to Andy Kaufman. Maybe Joaquin Phoenix and Casey Affleck were just ripping her off. Hell, maybe she's really Sacha Baron Cohen, (Has anybody checked? Maybe this whole chastity thing is just, you know, a cover ...)

Withywindle said...

Did I mention that I also hate Candid Camera?

It's OK to play jokes on your friends. People who aren't your friends get to hit you.

"Can't you take a joke?"

"Sure I can. Can't you take a punch?"

Proceed to beat jokester senseless.

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