Friday, September 24, 2010

FLG's Facade

FLG isn't as smart in real life as he probably seems to readers of this blog. Not that he knows whether he appears smart to readers of this blog, but he is certainly not as smart in real life. As he's said before, it's Wikipedia, Google, bubble gum and duct tape that hold any facade of erudition together.

In real life, he can maintain the illusion if you don't press too hard. He'll follow the old Jesuit adage of "when it doubt draw a distinction." Usually it will be in regards to some well-trodden concept (leisure versus free time/knowledge versus wisdom) and he'll appear somewhat intelligent to casual observers. But it's all an artifice.*

All that said, it only took him about a minute and a half to get the concept of a confidence interval the first time he saw it. How people could, after an hour, still be asking questions on the topic boggles his mind. Just plug the fucking numbers into the fucking formula!

* Why the artifice?, you ask. Vanity.


The Ancient said...

"Why the artifice?, you ask. Vanity."

(Didn't the Jesuits cover this?)

FLG said...

To paraphrase Augustine:
Give me humility and meekness--but not yet.

Anonymous said...


Mrs. P

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