Wednesday, September 8, 2010

FLG Has Never Finished A Faulkner Book

Can't stomach him.

Consequently, he found TNC's post on Faulkner very interesting. He writes:
I read The Sound And The Fury when I was much younger, and while I recognized that a bad-ass was doing work, I didn't much like the book.


There's a kind of "fuck you" in Faulkner's style, this sense that he really is just writing for himself and those who are walking that same Southern road. He is most interested in his characters own internal dialogue, the sound of their consciousness, as someone recently told me, and what that sound, that rhythm, says about the broader world. I really like that—even if I don't like his books. Basically, I'm reading him out of respect.

Reading fiction out of respect? Fuck that noise.

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Flavia said...

What I understood TNC to mean was that he respected Faulkner's talent while not particularly liking it--and that's different, to me, from reading someone because you think or someone has told you that you should respect him.

I don't have much time for the latter and I probably don't make as good-faith an effort with the former as I should. But I like the fact that TNC does.

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