Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Do All Bloggers Get Book Review Solicitations?

FLG has been getting tons of solicitations to do book reviews. Nothing in them looks at all personalized, so FLG assumes it's just a blast to email addresses harvested off of blogger.

If it's anything else, then very weird. This is the least influential blog on the planet.


Anonymous said...

I think it's your persuasive use of @#$%&^@!@#$%%#@@!#$%^^$###$^*&*&

Mrs. P

The Ancient said...

This is the least influential blog on the planet.

Don't sell yourself short.

Pirates and object sex make you HUGE in Somalia.

Anonymous said...

"Pirates and object sex make you HUGE in Somalia."


Ancient I forgot to tell you that my cousins' dad died when they were very young and in the mid to late 80's I was the relative tagged to take them and their friends to the old Boston Garden for Saturday nights WWF. At one I actually sat right next to Junkyard Dog's nephew. Do you recall JD? He came into the ring on a leash & on all fours with a big bone in his mouth and everyone barked. JD's nephew was a wrestler himself and a very nice man - explained to me all sorts of things.

Dan Reihl has lates on Castle Impeachment vote:

Castle Threatened Bush On Iraq, Signed On To Impeachment Bill

For those, such as Powerline, so quick to give Castle a pass on his vote on Kucinich's impeachment bill, one might want to consider the context. Jeffrey Lord has more on that today at the American Spectator. Castle's defenders might want to take note that the vote took place a year after Castle was already threatening Bush with the withdrawal of Republican support for the war effort.

In early May 2007, Rep. Castle attended a meeting, organized by Rep. Charlie Dent (R-Pa.), between several moderate Republicans in the House and President Bush to express their concerns over the War in Iraq. The group warned the President that his pursuit of the war in Iraq was risking the future of the Republican Party, and that he could not count on Republican support for much longer.

Mrs. P

The Ancient said...

Mrs P --

You could prove to my satisfaction that Mike Castle was The Anti-Christ himself and I would still prefer him -- IF he caucused with the Senate Republicans.

(If Paris vaut bien une messe, Republican control of the Senate vaut bien un messe noire.)

Anonymous said...

Ancient, ooh anti-christ? I'll work on it. but until then, I think the Senate will go Republican with or without DE.

Because once we get through tonight, the race is only going to be about one thing - what the Dems have done with their power. This is where that race up in NY23 comes into play - the Republicans exhausted themselves in that one to lose to the Dem. Within an hour or 2 of that Dem winning he reversed his posish on Obamacare and was now a yes vote. Then Pelosi pushed him through before the race was certified. And do you recall how the Dems thought about not certifying Scott Brown's win until after the Ocare vote? This did not go unnoticed. Not listening to the people has consequences -usually at the ballot box.

Nor will the announcement out of Florida a few minutes ago saying he's likely to allow portions of the case of States challenging Obamacare.

This would be the case all the brilliant constitutional lawyers I mean bloggers said had no merit and had about zero chance.

Mrs. P

Anonymous said...

Portions of the case challenging Obamacare to go forward.

Oh, and that Virginia AG is awesome. He ought to be a senator.

Mrs. P

Freddie said...

I've never gotten one, myself.

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