Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Design Changes

Arethusa's changes to her blog inspired FLG to take a shot at redesigning Fear and Loathing in Georgetown. Here's one possibility. FLG thinks it looks pretty cool, but wonders how functional it would be.


The Maximum Leader said...

I actually prefer the current design to the proposed. I think you need to keep G-town in the image somehow.

The Ancient said...

I agree with Maxie, the title has to be clearly displayed.

As for the other, look at this and see if you find it readable:

(I do, but I know many others don't.)

arethusa said...

I like it, generally - is there a way to fit more of Georgetown in the background, though? You have the bridge but nothing on the banks.

I agree it might be hard to read and also the matte effect of the background photo makes the whole page feel blurry.

George Pal said...

Like the possibility... a lot. Would agree with a more panoramic background and a slightly more transparent foreground.

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