Monday, September 13, 2010

Dear Arethusa:

The the major weaknesses of the Tea Party movement, as FLG sees it, are that it's unorganized, lacks a coherent ideology, and questions academic credentials. While that doesn't mean you'll necessarily only get disorganized, uneducated loons, it sure does up the probability.



Anonymous said...

Oh and like the educated loons are doing a great job running the country.

Mrs. P

George Pal said...

Mrs. P beat me to it.

And I'd rather herd a thousand cats than organize two loons - of any stripe.

arethusa said...

It's just that O'Donnell seems especially uneducated and loony. I don't care if a candidate is a "pure" conservative so long as they're a good candidate. This year of all years, we should go for good candidates.

Also, it pains me to say it, but I would argue that at least some of the educated loons currently in power are better than O'Donnell would be in power. Not that she's gonna get there.

Anonymous said...

My theory for the 2010 election was vote them all out. All of them.

O'Donnell ran against Joe Biden. Think about that and think about Biden's much touted billion dollar summer of recovery.

Also think of all those black congressman that heard racial slurs that never occurred. At best those men are delusional, at worst they were trying to provoke an incident. Then think about Alcee Hastings who was removed from the bench but ended up in Congress saying in the final days of Obamacare "“We just make up the rules as we go along.” And Pelosi saying "we have to pass the bill to find out what's in it."

If O'Donnell wins tomorrow, her chances aren't bad.

Oh, and read this but FLG -warning you won't like it:

Mrs. P

FLG said...

Mrs. P:

So, apparently, conservative women can never be called with a) nuts or b) a slut because there's a nuts and sluts defense?

Fine. But I'll say this if the Palin/O'Donnell wing of the conservative movement is driving the bus, then I want off. Not at the nearest stop. Off. Right fucking now.

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