Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Daddy Issues Final Round-Up

Jacob Levy sums it up pretty nicely:
Count me among those who think "win the [admiration] of" is not a category that encompasses the common motivation of "surpass, eclipse, prove to the world and oneself that one didn't need the absent sonofabitch anyways." It's still a father issue, but it's one to which the state of mind of the actual father is irrelevant.

That's actually better articulation of what I was trying to get at. What the father thinks is irrelevant. Indeed, many of the absent fathers I've been referring to were absent because they were dead. The issue is that the father creates a hole within the soul of the son; a hole that needs to be filled with power over and the admiration of others. But mostly power. People who desire admiration as a salve for their soul became rock stars, at least in recent times, and even more recently become reality TV stars. Although, I fear I've now irrevocably muddied the waters.

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