Tuesday, September 14, 2010


FLG received an email questioning his argument about ED Kain's theory of War being, for lack of a better word, stupid.

It was a meandering email to which FLG will not subject y'all, but the basic premise is this: WWII was a just war because the Germany and Japan started the shooting and were clearly interested in plunder.

FLG doesn't contest that WWII was just. It's simply that those particular facts are only one part of the calculation.

One could argue that the peace imposed at Versailles, specifically the reparations, painted Germany into a corner, which in turn led to the rise of Hitler. Moreover, one could also argue that certain territorial changes in the treaty, the example of Alsace and Lorraine moving from Germany to France comes to mind, means Germany wasn't plundering in Alsace and Lorraine, but trying to get back what they believed was rightful theirs.

FLG doesn't think these arguments win the day. It's just that these things aren't anywhere near cut and dry as ED wants to paint them, even in a case where the vast majority of people would agree on the justness of the war.

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