Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Blogging Discourteously

Via The Dish, FLG learns that Freddie has stopped blogging:
I am incapable of writing on the Internet without becoming an asshole. This fact has asserted itself to me again and again. And while I believe the blogosphere is a narrow-minded and vulgar space, there is no excuse for my own vulgarity, my own lack of compassion, my own failure. I have tried reform; I have tried rededication; I have tried genre and tonal shifts. Sooner or later I revert to my hands, this keyboard, and my anger.

I bet if you do a search for Freddie on this blog, then you'd find all sorts not nice things I've written about him. One in particular comes to mind, where I imagined him saying "I have to go wallow in my own personal somewhat contradictory combination of self-importance and self-loathing, but "Hell is other people." And guess what? His sign-off post still kinda gives me that vibe.

The Abstract Engineer refers to Freddie as "obviously brilliant," which is an adjective that I don't use lightly and certainly wouldn't use to describe anything that Freddie wrote.

Now, you are probably asking why I'm kicking a man while he's down? What's the deal with that? Well, it goes back to this anger thing. Ultimately, the vast majority of blogging is a bunch of self-important people sitting around in their underwear giving their opinion, and you know what they say about those.

I don't get angry about shit on the blogosphere. (In fact, it reminds me of that xkcd cartoon about somebody being wrong on the Internet.) Sure, sometimes I use hyperbolic language for dramatic effect, but I'm never angry that Freddie has some thought that I think is incredibly idiotic. He's just another fucking asshole in his pajamas in front of a computer.

That leads me to something that actually does piss me off both online and in real life, which is taking yourself too seriously, and Freddie sure as hell does that. Case in point is the 20 minute or something video of him talking about the books he has on his bookshelf that I can't find a link to right now. Seriously, just unplug and you don't have to write cloying prose like "My opinions have become pallbearers to my imagination, and that's poverty." It's not poverty. It's overly sappy, feeling sorry for yourself because you take yourself to seriously bullshit.

Anyway, I just wanted to put that out there. Maybe I'm an asshole for it. Fine. But, again, I'm just some asshole in his underwear or pajamas. What the fuck does my opinion, even if it's that Freddie is an overly dramatic, self-important, self-loathing, muddled-thinking blogger, ultimately matter? It doesn't.

Then why write it, I hear you asking? Well, I needed something to write about. Doesn't it prove his point about the blogosphere being a vulgar space? Perhaps, but the world is a vulgar place. Suck it up.


Freddie said...

Yet you fail to see what is the only meaningful point: that you have written about me, apparently, several times, and that I didn't know you existed until I saw the trackback on my post. Whatever else might be true about my self-obsession, it was enough to drag in... why, you!

I don't know what the alternative is to believing in the narrative of your own life, but coming from tragedy early in life, perhaps I was conditioned to feel that way. I don't know your name, nor will I learn it. But who cares, as long as you give up on defining yourself in relation to other people. It's a tall order online, because that's kind of the point, right. But I think it's freeing.

And hey, pajamas/keyboard, man, opinion is free and ain't it grand.....

FLG said...

Fair enough, Freddie.

Anonymous said...

No, nott underwear FLG. Lacey pegnoirs...

Withywindle said...

What were you doing in Freddie's pajamas?

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