Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Biblical Marriage

FLG has a lot of problems with this post over at DoubleX, most of which will be ignored, but this claim seems questionable:
Marriage in the Bible was almost always polygamous.

Abraham, Jacob, David, and, from skimming Genesis quickly FLG got, Lamech, but is that "almost always?" Maybe there are a bunch more and FLG is just ignorant of his Bible. Nevertheless, mere counting of polygamous couples ignores a key aspect of all this. Aren't Adam and Eve the most important union/marriage/whatever they were of the entire Western tradition? And if you believe it literally the world?


william randolph brafford said...

Well, it's not like polygamy was a choice for Adam and Eve...

"Almost always" is a little bit strong. Quite a few powerful men had multiple wives, but it's not at all clear whether polygamy was normal for average Israelites.

Wikipedia pointed me here:

Anonymous said...

It's not like polygamy was a choice for Adam and Eve.

Ah, hello?

Did you ever try looking at it from the opposite end of the stick? God's intention was one man - one woman. Polygamy and everything else came in after the Fall.

I know that's incredibly fundamentalist of me but next time you're in Rome schedule a interview at the Vatican. The Pope has the same posish.

Mrs. P

Anonymous said...

Here's a little exercise -- flip through the bible and see if you can find one example of a happy man who had multiple wives. Not King David or King Solomon that's for sure.

The bible is quite illustrative how their lives were ruined - ruined may be too harsh-- by too many wives.

Lot may only have had one wife originally and he was pretty happy man despite how all the men in his town behaved. But - hell look what happened to his wife. And then his daughters got him drunk so he would impregnate them...

Mrs. P

Mrs. P

The Ancient said...

This particular pope has called the Old Testament "myth, legend and primitive reportage."

(Just saying.)

Anonymous said...

I'd have to look closer at his remarks to se if he's talking about the earth being created in 6 days, whether hills can clap their hands or Lot's wife turned into an actual pillar of salt. Makes my point even better. But for now I can say this makes my point even better that in the myths, legends and primitive reporting you cannot find a example of a man with multiple wives who is a happy man.

You would've thought someone could've come up with the idea of 72 perpetual virgins in paradise....

Mrs. P

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