Monday, August 23, 2010

FLG Is So Ahead Of The Curve That He's Only Just Now Catching Up With Himself

Mrs. Self-Important links to this article about emerging adulthood and writes:
Suddenly we've made the leap from emerging adulthood as an ambivalent period that has started to appear in the lives of affluent meritocrats to emerging adulthood as a human right, and one that federal programs are obliged to provide for everyone.

FLG will give himself a shoutout and link to an old post:
Alpheus takes a look at Fred Siegel's account of the origin of the Left and comes away impressed.

I'm less impressed. It's a good stuff to be sure. Yet, Siegel is missing the forest through the trees. Sure, he describes a lot of the trees very well. However, he misdiagnoses American liberalism. Do you know how I know? The word "leisure" isn't mentioned once in the article.

The ultimate goal of Marxism, in its purest, Platonic form, is Leisure. Leisure in this case means the ability to pursue one's goals free from constraints. Those constraints could be cultural, economic, or political. Which explains the animus with which the intellectuals mentioned in the essay hate the bourgeois virtues, capitalism, and the American political system.

The nexus of economic statism and cultural libertarianism is not some odd pairing derived from unique circumstances, but a direct product of the end goal of Marxism. Economic statism is the preferred policy because it offers the false hope of spreading the wealth in a way that liberates the entire population from economic constraints in pursuing their goals. This is particularly appealing to people like artists and intellectuals whose activities are not relatively highly valued by capitalism. Cultural libertarianism removes the societal and cultural boundaries that repress and constrain the intellectuals and artists.


Miss Self-Important said...

Yes, the premise struck me as having Hegelian overtones too, so it wouldn't be that surprising if the politics were Marxist.

I can't believe I just wrote that sentence without any knowledge of Hegel or Marx.

FLG said...

I know nothing about Marx or Hegel and I wrote a whole bunch of sentences. At least you have some training in the field.

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