Sunday, July 18, 2010

Why Is It That People On The Left Always Assume People Are Ignorant And Stupid?

In today's WaPo:
It is true that, when asked by pollsters, a majority of respondents say they support the death penalty. It is less clear whether people are well informed about the issue, have given the matter much thought, or have considered alternatives, such as life in prison without parole. But majorities in other Western countries support capital punishment, too. Their political leaders abolished the institution nevertheless.

By the way, FLG doesn't know for sure, but is assuming the author is on the left because, well, he's a sociology professor.


arethusa said...

Isn't one of the (unspoken) principles of democracy that however uneducated the majority are, the popular will still prevails? The elite left hates this idea, I assume because they consider themselves so much more well-educated than your average American, yet their vote counts the same.

Withywindle said...

But educating the majority is also a deeprooted principle; Madison speaks of fostering the spread of newspapers for precisely that reason. I'm deeply suspicious of desires to educate fellow-citizens, but the idea is there even in the British Enlightenment & the Founding Fathers I'm fondest of.

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