Thursday, July 29, 2010

What An HD Plasma TV And Surround Sound Are For

Most men would probably say some big action or SciFi movie. FLG, however, is currently enjoying this in all its glory. Although, FLG does object to contemporary, urban setting in this production.


Anonymous said...

Yes, and I can hear it upstairs. It is interfering with my Project Runway!
Mrs. FLG

arethusa said...

Huh. Today, I quit watching Project Runway.

I'm not at the level of the Met yet, though.

Andrew Stevens said...

Not at all. Most men would say HD is for sports. And they're right. Movies still don't look as good in HD with surround sound as they do in the theater, so it's sports where you get the real advantage.

FLG said...


Good point. I do love some football on it.

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