Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Upcoming Changes

FLG's alma mater was nice enough to extend him an invitation to enroll in a graduate business program, thereby breaking his long and distinguished line of graduate admissions denials. Furthermore, and this is the really good part, his employer was also nice enough to agree to pay for the whole thing.

Wait, FLG, didn't you suggest an imaginary dissertation about how "Adverse Selection in the MBA Admissions Process Leads to Ill-Trained, Unthoughtful Douchebags In Charge of American Firms?" Yes. You'll have to resolve that inconsistency on your own. Then again, FLG can be just as ill-trained and unthoughtful of a douchebag as anybody else.

Anyway, getting to the relevant to the readers part, this means that FLG will be working full-time and attending school. Include FLG's most important priorities, Mrs. and Miss FLG, and it doesn't leave much time for blogging. Therefore, he might actually have to enact the Dread Pirate Roberts Succession Plan, start doing lots of coke, or let the blog pretty much lay/lie? fallow starting a month or so from now.


Flavia said...

Congrats, FLG! Great news.

(And it's lie fallow, until it's in the past tense. Which I hope it will be soon--or that there's no such nonsense to begin with.)

arethusa said...


And the solution: guest-bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Not lie with fellows? I thought that's what all the dons did.


Mrs. P

Withywindle said...

We must hold a wake.


Anonymous said...

Pilgrim --

It comes down to the time you care to steal from others, right?

Why not cut the posts back to pirates, object sex, and everything that's wrong with the courses your employer is springing for?

(With the occasional French sideshow.)

Jeff said...

Man, just as I get comfortable lurking, you have to go and better yourself?


George Pal said...

What better qualification for admittance to graduate business program than “someone else is paying.” Congratulations on all of it.

Alpheus said...


The Maximum Leader said...

Congrats. I think I am already missing your postings.

FLG said...

Thanks everybody.

dance said...

Congratulations! (You are a really frequent poster right now---but, you know, RSS. Blog whenever you want. Me, I bet biz school will give you lots of things to blog.)

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