Friday, July 23, 2010

Shirlington Again

James Poulos wrote about that David Brooks piece:
Full disclosure: I used to hang out in Shirlington all the time. I nibbled the spring rolls. I sampled the microbrews. I bought fresh bread and a specialty cup of coffee. I did not feel like an aristocrat within my own Olympus. I felt like a new dad at the start of a steep learning curve -- possibly the opposite physical and psychological condition. I did not feel like expressing myself through consumerism. I felt like finally getting out of the house that day.

Which reminded FLG that a few months back the Poulos clan was having breakfast at Luna at the exact same time as the FLGs, including his mother-in-law. No, FLG didn't say hi. FLG never says hi to anybody.

Anyway, Shirlington is some sort of weird crossroads.

Speaking of which, the FLGs met the self-proclaimed mayor of Shirlington a few years back at the brewery down there. His domestic platform was staunchly pro-microbrew, while his inter-municipal policy consisted primarily of pursuing mutually assured destruction with the neighboring city, Alexandria. It all seemed perfectly reasonable at the time.

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Anonymous said...

Arlington can't fight Alexandria - they share the waste-to-energy incinerator! Not to mention Jim Moran... dave.s.

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