Friday, July 16, 2010


Previously, FLG mentioned how he is going for somewhere between tasteful, tropical colors and furniture pieces in a sophisticated, yet understated ensemble, like you'd find at a high end hotel in Hawaii, and full-blown 1950's Tiki kitsch in his Boom Boom Room. He doesn't particularly care that this won't fit with the theme (although, he could probably paint some palm trees or some shit on the side), but he's going to get it at some point.

At first glance, many of you probably thought, "Oh, sure. It's an arcade machine replica with 85 classic games preloaded" and went about your business. If that's what you did, then I have to say: Bitch, please!

The Gamerator also features ...
* A refrigerated interior capable of holding a pony keg of domestic beer (international options also available)

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arethusa said...

Wow, it's like that recliner/fridge on Seinfeld, only better!

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