Monday, July 19, 2010

Lists And College Towns

Most lists of best places to retire or live disproportionately feature college towns. FLG's always assumed that the way in which the survey quantifies cultural institutions and various performances makes no distinction between university affiliated events and museums and professional and independent ones. Basically, FLG figures The University of Oklahoma's art museum counts as much as the Met. Or a performance by students on-campus counts as much as a professional show.

Now, don't get FLG wrong, many college towns are fantastic places to live and FLG sees the appeal of retiring in one. However, these lists are too biased toward college towns.

Today, FLG sees that it's not only living and retirement, but best places to have a career or do business. Des Moines is first. Provo is number 2. Raleigh 3. Fort Collins fourth. Lincoln, NE is 5.

Again, don't get FLG wrong, many of these are nice places. But you don't launch a career in Fort Collins unless you just graduated from ColoState. DItto Provo and Lincoln.


The Maximum Leader said...

You have to have graduated from Colorado State to start a business in Provo or Lincoln?


The Maximum Leader said...

Don't mind me... I'm just being an ass right now.

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