Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Don't You Condescend To FLG

From an article about David Brooks to which Miss Self-Important linked:
Brooks changed his mind recently. Not one of those small changes, like grande instead of venti. He abandoned an idea that until recently made David Brooks David Brooks.

“I’ve changed my view of suburbia,” he says. We’re sitting at the Best Buns Bread Company in the Village at Shirlington, a sort of prefab town square in Arlington, Virginia, designed to be quaint and homey. The streets are fresh red brick. The lampposts are faux antique. The trees are evenly spaced. A color-coded map explains the area’s layout, like a mall. The neighborhood’s culinary diversity—Aladdin’s Eatery abuts Bonsai Restaurant abuts Guapo’s—is matched only by its patrons’ ethnic lack thereof. We are sipping coffees and munching on identical Ginger Crinkle cookies, when it occurs to me: I am in a David Brooks book. We are Bobos. This is Paradise.

Don't you badmouth Shirlington around FLG. Or Alan for that matter. Aladdin's and Guapos are delicious. The FLGs and Alan spent many a night in the brewery down there.

Christopher Beam. You are on notice. Good article, but still on notice.


arethusa said...

Best Buns? Really?

Anonymous said...

Can you explain what was good about the article?

Mrs. P

Robbo said...

In fact, wasn't "Shock and Scorn in Shirlington" on the short list of names for the little one?

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