Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Andrew Stevens writes:
In reply to Arethusa, I do think that at certain levels, the best students will be the ones with "blots" on their record. I.e. at a truly elite school, you won't find any students with blots on their record because they couldn't get in. But at a lower level institution, you will find some great students who settled for that institution because of the blot (be it home-schooling, self-taught, or dropping out of high school) and they likely will be the best students at the institution.

Hey, Georgetown let FLG in with a blot.


The Ancient said...

Hey, Georgetown let FLG in with a blot.

That's a War of The Roses joke, right?

Andrew Stevens said...

Did you even tell them that you dropped out of college earlier? If you weren't transferring credits, I don't even know how they'd know that when you applied. Submitting transcripts from your previous college I would assume is completely at your discretion, so I just assumed that it was never mentioned.

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