Friday, July 9, 2010

A Conversation

Mrs. FLG: One of the assistants at Miss FLG's daycare, the Mexican one, asked me if we spoke Spanish at home to Miss FLG.

FLG: Really?

Mrs. FLG: I told her you've been teaching her French, but that we didn't speak to her in Spanish. Then I asked why.

FLG: And?

Mrs. FLG: She asked if we knew that whenever Miss FLG wants more of something she always says More, Mas?

FLG: Right. I thought that assistant was teaching her.

Mrs. FLG: Wasn't her. She thought we were teaching her.

FLG: Weird. Maybe she was born bilingual.

1 comment:

arethusa said...

Sesame Street? Univision? She can work the SAP button on the remote?

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