Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cell Phones, Performances, and Twitter

FLG agrees with Julian Sanchez:
Look, fussing with your phone constantly—even on “minimum brightness”—is kind of a dick move at any performance

Strike that. FLG doesn't agree. It isn't kind of a dick move; it's a dick move.

And all that to Twitter, as so much of Twitter is, completely inane bullshit.

There was a dickhead next to the FLGs at the concert they attended this weekend who kept fucking around on his phone too. FLG really doesn't understand the appeal of constantly fucking around on a tiny little device. Then again, FLG hates being "connected."

Also, for the 10,000th time, Twitter sucks my nuts.


Robbo said...

At Mass this past Sunday, just after the padre had held up the Host and just as he was about to say, "Ecce Agnus Dei, ecce qui tollit peccata mundi," somebody's cell went off. Not only was it very loud, it was also one of those obnoxious ring-tones with the heavy bass riff.

"Oooh, if looks could kill, that priest would be in for thirty years!"

FLG said...

How old was the offender?

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