Friday, June 25, 2010

What Kind Of Students Go To Georgetown?

FLG received several emails with this question in one form or another over the last month or so. Broadly, there are three types.

Type 1:
Aspiring bureaucrats -- Kids who want to go into government-related careers, including non-profits and international affairs. These kids want to go to school in Washington, DC. They major in government, economics, and related fields.

Type 2:
Prestige kids -- Georgetown was the best school they got into. Perhaps they applied to a couple of Ivy League schools and didn't get in. Or maybe they decided they'd rather be in a city than Hanover, NH. FLG thinks the majority of the business school and maybe even the college are kids like this.

Type 3:
Catholic kids -- They go to Georgetown because of its Catholic tradition.

Now, please understand, each of these is a prototype. Most kids chose based on a combination of factors, but often it's a combination of the above factors. A kid wants to go into government, or at least study it, Georgetown was the best or nearly the best school they got into, and perhaps they're also Catholic. There are some one-offs, but mostly they fall into one or more of the above types.

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