Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pet Peeves: Alexander Edition

FLG mentioned recently that he was watching Michael Wood's Alexander series and objected to the characterization of Strabo as mere geographer. What's really starting to bother FLG is that Wood keeps referring to the common depiction in the Muslim world of Alexander as having two horns. This they take to mean he was a disciple of the devil.

Well, Wood explained that Alexander went to the oracle at Siwa and was told that he was the son of Zeus Ammon. And surprise, surprise Zeus Ammon has fucking horns and Alexander wore them and was even depicted in coin with horns to perpetuate the myth. Or maybe Alexander really believed it. Who knows? FLG doesn't care either way. But not mentioning this while mentioning the horns over and over again is a huge fucking oversight.


arethusa said...

With or without the horns, the Muslim world hates Alexander anyway. He's burned in effigy in Tehran every anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.

FLG said...

In fairness, he did conquer Persia, burn down Persepolis, then hunted Darius such that his family turned on him, and then chased Bessus to the ends of the Earth.

Plus, in contemporary politics, it shows how much cooler the West was than Persia.

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