Thursday, June 17, 2010

No Best Friends?

Via Amber, FLG learns that various child psychologists, school administrators, and sundry adult busybodies are coming out against best friends. Too exclusionary. They might be hurt.

Still, school officials admit they watch close friendships carefully for adverse effects. “When two children discover a special bond between them, we honor that bond, provided that neither child overtly or covertly excludes or rejects others,” said Jan Mooney, a psychologist at the Town School, a nursery through eighth grade private school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. “However, the bottom line is that if we find a best friend pairing to be destructive to either child, or to others in the classroom, we will not hesitate to separate children and to work with the children and their parents to ensure healthier relationships in the future.”

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with adults these days? Can't we just let the fucking kids be fucking kids? I'm all for stepping in when common sense dictates that the exclusion has gone too far and becomes bullying, but you know what? Not all exclusion is bullying. Sometimes kids don't like each other. Sometimes it's for no good reason. Sometimes it's for a good reason. Sometimes it lasts forever. Sometimes it lasts ten minutes. Whatever. They don't all have to get along all the time. This is all part of the learning process about how to deal with other people.

FLG suspects that the cause of all this insane hullabaloo is a combination of oversensitive adults trying to prevent kids from dealing with their sense of exclusion when they were kids, a form of social engineering that assumes all people are the same and should get along and any problems can be worked out via communication and increased exposure to one another, lawsuits, and, perhaps most importantly, a complete lack of common sense that manifests itself as hard and fast rules that forbid any interactions that have any possibility of causing the slightest emotional or physical harm.

Come on, adults. Let's worry about important things, you know, like kids Swiss Army and butter knives to school.

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