Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Making A Business Card Disappear

FLG saw somebody do this at a convention once and has been fascinated by it ever since. He's been practicing it most of the day today.


The Ancient said...

You and Mrs FLG should have a few cocktails with the magician who works the night bar at the Mayflower.

(If he's still alive. I assume he is, because if he'd died, it should have made the front page of the Post.)

The Ancient said...

Off topic: Here's something worth picking at:

(I hadn't seen this before.)

FLG said...

Rajan had a great response on his blog:

FLG said...

But, you know, I find the assertion that federal policy and action had nothing to do with the housing bubble laughable on its face. Every politician in the country was going on and on about expanding home ownership for decades. And during the bubble hearings focused on what Fannie and Freddie were doing to expand the opportunity to more people, nobody was talking about bubbles.

I'm not saying that government by itself was the sole cause of the crisis, as many conservatives would like to believe, but the idea that it had nothing to do with it, as Prof. Krugman would have you believe, is fucking batshit.

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